Wholesale Manufacturers:

We understand that when you are sourcing CBD and hemp ingredients for the products you manufacture, your decisions are based on many factors but we feel that these 4 are probably amongst the most important:

  • Points of Origin: Where are the ingredients that I want to purchase grown and will they cause me supply-chain issues?
  • CoA’s and Safe Practices: Do any purity-assurances come with the    ingredients I am seeking to buy?  
  • Supply and Demand: Can the supplier meet the demands of my orders when I need more materials?
  • Price Point: Will my cost for the ingredients or materials I need be     reasonable or cost prohibitive?

Here at VANC Hemp Co. we welcome the opportunity to provide you with our answers to these questions so you can know, with certainty, that purchasing bulk CBD and hemp from us is the best decision you could make for your business.

Point of Origin

All of VANC’s hemp is grown right here in the USA. The historically-rich soil of Virginia and North Carolina makes for the happiest, healthiest plants around. And not only that, but growing it right here in the southeast means that your company doesn’t have to worry about it getting stuck somewhere off-shore in a container. Supporting American farmers, keeping our sourcing right here at home and being able to pass that assurance onto businesses you sell to, is a very good thing.

CoA's and Safe Practices

We can only speak for ourselves, but we are proud to say that as of October, 2022, we can provide you with purity assurances about all of VANC’s hemp products and derivatives because we have earned the The "C" Standard certification with oversight by Control Union. From the multi-generational, regularly-tested soil that we plant in; to the sourcing of our premium, certified seeds; through careful, nurturing during the germination process and each, subsequent moment of the plant’s life cycle - we are there - using organic practices and constant oversight - and we can back that up with documentation.

Supply and Demand

Whatever the demand, we have the supply. We are positioned to handle your orders, no matter the type and quantity. Our commitment to clear communication also ensures that we’re keeping you updated with real time shipment information to help manage your expectations and keep your operations running smoothly.

Price Point

Our pricing is competitive and we will create your quotes with our sharpest pencil in hand. Our goal is to meet all of your cost expectations within your budget.

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