It may seem like a paradox for us to say, “If it’s hemp, it’s here” - only to find that our retail line consists of two, simple products -so, yes, about that …



While it is true that VANC’s primary mission is to be a wholesale supplier for ingredient sourcing and private label production for any and everything made from hemp, it is also true that we want every part of the industry’s sales story to be represented under our business umbrella in whatever form that takes.

In other words, we believed that our seed-to-shelf integration would be remiss if it did not include valuable resources for every group that VANC touches:

  • The Wholesale Manufacturer
  • The Wholesale Distributor
  • The Wholesale Retailer
  • The Consumer

Inevitably, this desire to participate in the entire sales story brought us to our own brand development precipice. After much consideration and discussion, we agreed that it would bring added value to our marketplace conversations if we included two - just two - premium products to sell under our own VANC label. This would serve to allow individual consumers to purchase and use products made with our hemp formulations - but equally important, it would give our wholesale customers an optional way to introduce these types of products into their businesses before developing their own private label line with VANC.

Because ultimately, we have no desire to create a full line of our own products - We want to help you do that for yourselves - powered by VANC.