Being a true, seed-to-shelf company means that we have a lot of capabilities. So many so, that it makes our menu very broad - but it is our desire to explain every category clearly, so that you can easily identify how you and your business can best engage with VANC and also understand how we can serve all of your needs. The following links will explain the way we break down wholesalers and their needs:

Wholesale Manufacturers:

We understand that when you are sourcing CBD and hemp ingredients for the products you manufacture, your decisions are based on many factors but we feel that these 4 are probably amongst the most important:

  • Points of Origin: Where are the ingredients that I want to purchase grown and will they cause me supply-chain issues?
  • CoA’s and Safe Practices: Do any purity-assurances come with the    ingredients I am seeking to buy?  
  • Supply and Demand: Can the supplier meet the demands of my orders when I need more materials?
  • Price Point: Will my cost for the ingredients or materials I need be     reasonable or cost prohibitive?

Wholesale Distributors:

Our website says it best: “If it’s hemp, it’s here!” But, what do we mean by that - and how does the answer serve to provide you, as the distributor, with value?

Our vertical integration means that from the field, each part of the plant is dealt with, according to its final destination. Testing, processing, manufacturing, packaging (branded to suit the needs of your accounts), logistics, retail support, placement, marketing and education - we can serve you comprehensively, from the soil to seed to shelf. And ultimately, that means you can introduce CBD and hemp solutions to your accounts and professional practices with every assurance of undeniable quality.


Wholesale Retailers:

Our services and support for you, as a retailer, are very similar to our services and support for distributors; however we clearly understand your specific needs as a purchaser and reseller of products to your customer base.

We can always have conversations about unique situations and special requests you have, but to start, click here to learn about a couple of options that can serve you effectively.