Wholesale Retailers:

Our services and support for you, as a retailer, are very similar to our services and support for distributors; however we clearly understand your specific needs as a purchaser and reseller of products to your customer base.

We can always have conversations about unique situations and special requests you have, but to start, click here to learn about a couple of options that can serve you effectively.


As we stated above, the first and most immediate option is if you would like to be a distributor of our own, branded VANCquish products. We have two. One is a roll-on gel and the other is an intense relief rub. They are both readily available and would, perhaps, be a great introduction to VANC in your business.

The other option would be for us to discuss what specific items you would like to sell and allow us to develop your own, private-label line of products. No CBD or hemp products are outside of our ability to fulfill your dream sheet. Again, if it’s hemp, it’s here. We mean that. We would welcome the opportunity to help you create a brand that fortiifes your vision and helps build your company - and remember, all products made for you by VANC will come with the The "C" Standard seal.

We want to ensure you have everything you need - including all of the important components that have been missing within the CBD and hemp marketplace up until now. Providing you with the educational tools you need in order to fully-understand VANC and the products we offer, will arm with the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently when those sales conversations happen. You will face lots of questions, and we want you to have comprehensive, reliable answers.

Additionally, we are here to provide support beyond the sale.

And we don’t stop there! For those that are interested, we are committed to end-user support, as well. Our offerings include:

  • Education components, including the coming launch of a VANC YouTube Channel which will offer a variety of topics and talks for the promotion of CBD and hemp learning.
  • Path-to-Purchase assistance for the end users.
  • Customizable educational collateral for retail, waiting rooms, etc.
  • Merchandising Assistance and Branded Countertop Displays with QR Code Education components for customers.

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Curious about a specific product or service area? Feel free to reach out!
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